Platinum Naturals - Super Easymulti® 45+ for Women, 60

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Age is just a number. This multi is a key partner in your healthy anti-aging strategy. Good nutrition plays an important role in feeling your best every day, as your ability to absorb nutrients may decrease over time. Super Easymulti 45+ is a complete 10 in 1 anti-aging solution formulated to help fight the effects of aging.

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Platinum Naturals is a great supplement brand out of our backyard here in Toronto. They have a product range that covers both our very active lifestyle and our attention to the specific needs of different life phases. And their ingredients and superior absorption make their multis simply better and more effective.

Why we chose this product: The SuperEasy Multi 45+ series is a well-thought out multi that addresses many of the heath challenges of aging and supports our optimal healthy lifestyle as we get older.

How this product can support your healthy lifestyle:For those who want a reliable and effective multi-vitamin for their healthy lifestyle as they age. This multi supports heart, brain, hormonal and liver health and has lots of antioxidants.

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  • Anti-aging
  • Protects your heart with CoQ10
  • Bones and immune support
  • Promotes hormonal health
  • Superior Nutrient Absorption™
  • Comprehensive formula is designed to give your body what it needs to thrive, offering you the convenience of 10 supplements in one convenient softgel:
    • Multivitamin
    • CoQ10 (heart, energy and antioxidant)
    • Milk Thistle (liver support)
    • Ginkgo biloba (mind and circulation)
    • Kelp (thyroid health)
    • Cranberry Fruit Powder (antioxidant)
    • Green tea extract (antioxidant)
    • Grape seed extract (antioxidant)
    • Hawthorn berries (heart)
    • Omega 3 & 6


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