Spring Clean your Habits – look back to RENEW

There is lots of chatter out there about Spring Cleaning these days. Not a day goes by without another offer for a cleanse. No wonder, since we’ve been so focussed inwards – on our own spaces and our own psyches. And many of us find ourselves in a rut, or out of sorts. We’re bound to use the change of seasons and the sense of optimism and regeneration that comes with Spring to try to get ourselves back on track – to where we want to be, and who we want to be. 

Spring Cleaning works best when it’s individualized, and very personal

But not all Spring Cleanses are alike. In my experience, Spring Cleaning works best and keeps working when it’s individualized, and very personal. Cookie cutter cleanses are popular, and often sound great. But too often, the positive effects don’t last, because they feel like a colorful new spring outfit that we wear once, and then realize that “it’s just not me”. Better to craft a Spring Cleanse that is tailored to your needs, and builds on your reality. 

I don’t know about you, but I find it a lot easier to take on a challenge knowing that I’ve got a little bit of history with it. And I find it easier to commit to habits and stick with them when I know that I’ve been able to do them in the past. Our ability to stick to habits is driven so much by our belief that we can do it. If we know that we’ve done it before, we can build on that self-belief that we can do it again … and this time keep doing it. 

What have I done well in the past that I can use again for my future?

In a few days, I’ll be starting on my own kind of Spring Renewal. As I get into it, I’ll share some of my experiences – maybe there will be some ideas that work for you as well. I’ll be keeping it light and breezy, since it’s Spring ;). To start things off, I’m looking at my own history for some inspiration and guidance as to how I want to improve for the future. What have I done well in the past that I can use to build the optimal future vision of me?

Some of my ideas will be as simple as taking advantage of what Spring has to offer … more outdoors time, fresh foods, sunlight. This is an especially important exercise for many of us, because in the last year and a bit of lockdowns and isolation, we have lost some good habits, and let other positive ones slide. It’s time to reclaim ourselves and what makes you … you. 

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