Take Charge and Thrive - The Optimum You Introductory Healthy
Living Course

You're one step away from feeling your best!

Do you need a momentum boost to get you back on track to healthy living?

Or do you feel like you’ve been trying over and over to stick to healthy habits, but it never quite clicks for you? And as a result, you feel frustrated and de-motivated.

Wherever your starting point is, you want to feel healthy. You want to feel your best. 

That’s why we are here – your Healthy Living Partner. We will help you Take Charge … and Thrive!

Welcome to Optimum You.


Why take this course?

The Optimum You Introductory Course is YOUR chance to break free from the cycle of frustration and finally Take Charge and Thrive. You will experience how the Optimum You signature “Five Steps to Thrive” holistic health system will work for you.
After completing this course, you will have a healthy living plan that is personalized to your needs and lifestyle. 
And just as importantly, you will feel empowered to live a healthy lifestyle sustainably. You will be ready to stick to your healthy habits. 
You will learn how to finally feel your best. And keep feeling your best. 

What do you get?

  • “Five Steps to Thrive System” – You will experience our signature Optimum You “Five Steps to Thrive” holistic healthy system.
  • Take Charge and Thrive Course Workbook – You will receive a workbook that guides you through the “Five Steps to Thrive” process so that you can make the system work for you.
  • Thrive Recipe – You will learn how to build a healthy living plan that is simple, personalized to your life and needs, and holistic in its approach – with a blend of movement, nutrition and mindset.
  • Self-Empowerment – Barbara will share several simple and invaluable tips for developing and sticking to healthy habits, and show you how to make self-empowering decisions.
  • Tools to Grow – After completing the course, you will have the tools to continue your personal growth, the inspiration to live healthy, and the framework to know what works for you.

Course Overview

  • Break Free From Frustration: Why Your Healthy Living System needs to be Simple, Personalized, and Holistic.
  • The Optimum You Five Steps to Thrive System
  • Your Thrive Recipe – a Personalized plan for Movement, Nutrition and Mindset
  • Self-Empowerment: The Key to Sticking to Healthy Habits



Tap into YOUR Purpose to fuel your personal growth.



Create Awareness of where you are at and where you want to grow.



Develop a personalized Move routine and activate it with Self-Empowerment.



Build YOUR Nourish recipe and sustain your good habits with Self-Empowerment.



Connect to yourself daily with a Renew repertoire and sustain yourself with Self-Empowerment

You will learn how to finally feel your best!

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