Want lightness and energy, despite (peri-)menopause?

Lightness and energy? Peri-Menopause and Menopause certainly makes that harder to find!

What used to be easy to move on from – things like big holiday feasts, too much alcohol and sugar for a few days NOW result in ridiculous weight gain, sluggishness, sleepless nights, digestive upsets, crazy skin and all kinds of (peri-)menopause annoyances. Welcome to the life of a woman 40+.

Is this fair?
Nope, it is not.
Does it help to feel sorry for ourselves?
Nope, it does not.
So – what I propose is that we step it up and move on.

Ready to achieve big changes?

Let’s upgrade our holistic healthy habits and make them bulletproof for all this. It is best not dwell in the negative, but focus on the good.
We can easily see the opportunity: our body is giving us ‘alarm signals’ telling us to better take care of ourselves – and the good thing is, that – if we chose to listen and upgrade our habits, we can actually work towards preventing a lot of crap from coming our way. Degenerative disease is caused by these chronically inflammatory things – and if we work against them, we can prevent a lot. And yes, if hormonal imbalances get out of hand, we can absolutely work with a licenced provider to add HRT on top. But – ideally – clean up first (or in addition). A lot can get back in balance that way. I have worked with and seen many women achieve just that – and so can you!
Do you want to start your New Year with LIGHTNESS and full of ENERGY? Join CLEAN UP – a 3 week clean eating programme with a 1 week re-integration to make key habits stick. Read more here (here for the german version) and respond to this email with questions and telling me you are in!
Would love to be able to support you in kick-starting big change!

Lots of love, joy and lightness for 2023 x

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