Welcome to Optimum YOU!

Do you ever feel like you are putting so much time and effort into figuring out how to eat well, stick to a balanced workout routine, live a healthy lifestyle – and you can’t quite nail what really, truly and sustainably works for you and your life – and as a consequence you are frustrated, have wasted a lot of time, don’t see the results you want and simply don’t feel your best?

Search no more. You have found optimum-you.

I am Barbara Birke – sport scientist, nutritionist, holistic health expert.
I have worked with many individuals wanting to feel and be at their best without making it complicated and hard to stick to – always with a holistic and integrated lens. You need to work in balance to be in balance.

I have helped athletes optimize their performance, worked with patients recovering from surgery and illness finding their way back to health, have supported corporate clients optimizing their focus and productivity. I started my career in a clinic, worked in the corporate sphere and started my own venture – optimum-you – 11 years ago, coaching individuals and groups (and continuing to do corporate work) – refining my holistic and integrated approach year after year.

As a culmination of these years of experience and learning, I am excited to  introduce the optimum-you holistic health system – where I fuse and simplify everything I have learned, and then break it down for you, step by step.

The optimum-you holistic health system will help you to find your thrive, and to keep on thriving. By tapping into your purpose, creating awareness and embracing self-acceptance, and then combining the three fundamental THRIVE elements of MOVE, NOURISH and RENEW with Self-Empowerment, you will discover not only the optimum-you that YOU desire, but the inner drive to keep growing.

I have been developing this program for some time now  – but this COVID-19 Crisis has put the focus even more on the benefits of my holistic health system: you have to own and take charge of your own lifestyle, put some work into your version of the “optimum-you” you desire – to make sure that your immunity is top notch – you are strong and resilient – and simply feel your best.

Welcome to optimum-you. Take charge and thrive.

As a gift to my community – I want to offer to you a short and concise e-book to support your COVID-19-induced time at home. What can you do to not just make it through – but how can you face this challenge head on and thrive through this time?

Enjoy – and let me know what you think.

Be well…no, thrive!

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