Which Spring Program is right for me?

It is spring and there are many different programs out there. Detox here and cleanse there and reset and summer and bikini body challenge – and all of that. Is that really what we need? And does it actually get you to your summer body? This is a quick summary of how to do your spring cleanse right.

PROS of a focussed Spring Program

  • Sometimes it is good to go a bit more “extreme” to get you out of your rut, out of winter, out of stuck-at-home-blues.
  • It’s a great point in time to take inventory, break out of routines and habits that just made their way into your days and stacked up – and need to be “broken up” with.
  • You can get a taste of how good you can (and want to) feel.
  • And you can experience first hand how much impact your lifestyle and your habits have on your well-being, digestion, skin, energy…. and all these things that creep in over time. That it actually IS your choice and you control more than you think!
  • You are held accountable and will therefore be more likely to actually stick to it and follow through!

CONS of a foccused Spring Program

  • Too extreme to actually keep things up. You have to work on following up with your optimal personalized set of healthy habits that keeps your results going and improving – step by step.
  • Over-promised benefits – even if you lose some weight and your skin clears up, your digestion is better etc etc etc – these results only stay around short term. Or if you follow up with an adjusted “new normal” routine.

To summarize, you need to be in this for the long term. A spring program is a good way to get started – but the key is in the right, personalized, simple and sustainable follow up – so that you can follow through and make it stick!!!

Luckily that is exactly what we, at Optimum You, specialize in – so our SPRING RENEW PROGRAM is set up in a way that it helps you break free and clean up with a bang – and then gives you the first steps and right tools to follow through and stick with it.

Summary of the Optimum You Spring Renew Program

  • 10 days of MOVE: inspiration for a balanced movement routine for every day for 10 days straight. A good balance of cardio, strength, flexibility and different intensities – taking beginner to advanced levels into consideration. Not a scripted training plan – but inspiration and recommendations of what you could do this day!
  • 10 days of clean NUTRITION: We will eliminate some of the bigger trigger foods and focus in on a clean and vegetable heavy way of eating for this time. We will focus on integrating lots of water and feel clean and light inside and out!
  • 10 days of RENEW routines that make this easy. You will be inspired to focus inwards, set some intentions and make a daily plan – to see and feel the impact first hand.
  • 3 recorded Zoom calls – on May 3rd, May 7th and May 12th. Handouts. Tips and Tricks. Pinterest Boards. Emails.
  • Ongoing accountability and engagement. You are not in this alone, we are doing this together and it will be great!
  • And yes – there will also be a simple OVERVIEW. A summary you can download and follow if you don’t want to hear the Zoom talks, the details and the daily emails I send… you can completely follow this in a low touch way as well.

What do you say? Are you in? Sign up here.

Looking forward to cleaning up with you!


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