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The tendency to gain visceral fat around the belly starting 40+ is annoying for most of us – and to make matters worse – comes with many health risks as well. Let’s deep dive into the most effective lifestyle strategies that really make a difference! Video Workshop plus Handouts and Checklist – jump into action right away.

anti-inflammatory, gut-friendly and blood sugar balancing lifestyle with my CLEAN UP PROGRAM
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gut + hormone health nutrition

Sometimes the best way to change is to go into a more radical clean up phase and follow up with sustainable habit changes to keep. Dive into this proven and effective elimination protocol and feel light, energized and sharp quickly! Anti-inflammatory, bloodsugar-balancing and gut-friendly, specifically designed for women 40+ to support our bodies through shifting hormones and increased risk factors.



muscle, bone, pelvic floor, metabolism

This program is designed for the woman 40+, wanting to build muscle, protect bones, integrate pelvic floor health and boost her metabolism… There are so many ways that muscle is a non-negotiable part of holistic healthy habits for the peri-menopause or post-menopause. Muscle truly is our longevity organ – lets build this key habit together, safely and with expert guidance, from the ground up. All you need is a mat and some weights, you can even start with body weight.

personalized coaching for women over 40

For a deeply personal transformational journey and long-term benefits that keep on multiplying, invest into a personal coaching package with Barbara. Space is limited, opportunity and transformation potential is huge – and long-term value is endless! You are worth it, put yourself and your longterm health first and invest into this invaluable opportunity.

Let’s discuss and find an option that works for you.

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supplements for women in (peri-)menopause

At Optimum You we make your transformational journey as seamless and smooth as possible

Working with me is truly HOLISTIC not only in terms of the topics we dive into, BUT also in terms of the experience and lifestyle support: I am able to provide you with the right product and recommendations to make your new lifestyle easily achievable.

We have different level Optimum You packages (hormone health, brain boost, immune health etc.) as well as individually indicated recommendations of supplements, equipment and  lifestyle product.

Learn more when you dive into my programming or coaching—looking forward to supporting you!