Upgrade your work-from-home habits for good to improve your well-being, fulfillment and work-life balance.

Working from home can be difficult. It can be hard on our bodies, our souls and our sense of well-being. We can fall into some unhelpful habits, and struggle to feel and work at our best. This effective course helps you get back on track and live Your Best Home Office Day. Your Best Home Office Day guides you through a proven and simple program that gives you a personalized work-from-home plan with optimal habits that you will stick to.

What can you expect to get from this program?

  • A Personalized Plan with Optimal Home Office Habits
  • A Proven Approach to Stick to Your New Habits
  • Lots of Practical and Simple Pro Tips to Help You get some quick wins
  • Valuable resources to support optimal home office nutrition, including recipes and supplier recommendations

I’m Busy and Overwhelmed Already – How Much Time is this going to take?

We’ve kept the program simple and concise so that even the busiest of you can fit it into their hectic schedule.

  • 6 Lessons of approx. 30 min. each, including your little bit of individual work. We recommend you do two lessons per week. 
  • Total time commitment is less than 3 hours, or 1 hour per week. 

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one-time full pay

$197 (USD)

Your Best Home Office Day Overview


  • Lesson 1: Introduction and The Five Fundamental Home Office Habits
  • Lesson 2: Make Time Work for You (Planning and Scheduling)


    • Lesson 3: Keep Up Your Energy and Focus (including optimal home office nutrition)
    • Lesson 4: Care for Your Body (Movement and exercise working from home)


  • Lesson 5: Care for Your Soul (Self-care and well-being working from home) 
  • Lesson 6: Create the Right Space and Putting it all Together

Why I am Offering This Course?

I have seen so many of my clients and friends struggle with the challenges of working from home. I built this course to help them, and to support you. I’ve put together all the best practices, including ultra-simple and easy to implement tips for making the best of working from home. My background as both a holistic health coach (with degrees in both exercise and nutrition) and a mother working from home for many years gives me a unique insight into what works. And my proven systems help you identify and then stick to the habits that work best – for you. I look forward to supporting you here, and helping you live Your Best Home Office Day. 


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one-time full pay

$197 (USD)

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