A step-by-step program to build (and stick to) holistic healthy habits so that you look, feel and live Your Optimum

Your Thrive Formula guides you through a proven system to create your own personalized healthy living plan and then provides ongoing support so that you feel your best … and keep feeling your best!

(6-week coursE)

Who is this program really for?

You’d love to have more energy … feel more alive … be more productive … be fitter … feel cleaner … feel more on top of things … feel more in control … look better, or slimmer, or simply stronger … You know that you could do it, if you had a plan that works for you – and then the support to keep you on track. Maybe someone or a group of peers to keep you focused.


    • FEELING BLAH AND IN NEED OF A PUSH to get you moving again and a plan that works for you and isn’t built for a Hollywood star training for an action film … and then a regular nudge to keep you moving and on track …
    • NOT SURE IF YOU CAN DO IT (and trust me, you can!), but willing and able to try and see what you can accomplish and how great you can live and feel …
    • FINALLY (!) READY TO RAISE YOUR GAME NOW (no matter what level you are at right now), after months or even years of thinking of living and feeling your best, wondering what “best” even feels like …

Then Your Thrive Formula will work for you, and will give you the tools, the motivation and the support you need to feel your best and finally get the most out of life.


Regardless of where you are coming into my program from, however your healthy habits are now, I’ve got you.

What can you expect to get out of this program?

When you’ve completed the program, you will have:

  • Tapped into a deep and meaningful motivation to fuel your personal growth
  • Set achievable goals for yourself and mapped out the steps needed to achieve those goals
  • Created a powerful positive energy for your healthy lifestyle
  • Designed and committed to a personalized healthy living plan that works for you (no matter where you are at currently) and only you – with a realistic plan for movement, nutrition and mindset
  • Mastered the skills needed to stay on track with healthy habits and to resist or reduce unhealthy choices – and strategies to get back on track when you falter
  • Built a support network for yourself that both helps keep you accountable and celebrates your commitment and growth
  • Embarked on a journey towards a life full of sustained energy, fulfillment, and balance

I'm ready! Sign me up!

one-time full pay

$697 (CAD)


3 payments of $250

$250 (CAD)

(6-week course)

The OPTIMUM YOU program has worked for so many others …
and it will work for you.

How do we know this program will work for you?

The difference with OPTIMUM YOU is that our approach is holistic, personalized, and simple. So our program works for people at all different stages of their healthy living journey. And it will work for you.

We’ve road tested and refined this program for more than a decade, with clients all over the world. So many have benefitted from the OPTIMUM YOU program. Listen to some of their stories:

Here is what you get in your Thrive Formula, and how the course rolls out:






MODULE 1: Tap into your purpose

  • The first module gets you off to the right start by identifying your strongest and deepest motivations for why you want to live healthy and at our optimum.
  • You will learn about the power of “WHY”
  • I will guide you through how to create your own Purpose statements – that you can use to fuel your Thrive
  • Once you have completed the module, you will already know how to use your Purpose to drive healthy habits and build resilience – you’re ready to get real!


    • In this module, you will both create Awareness of where you are and where you want to go, but also, through Self-Acceptance create a positive energy around your personal growth project
    • We discover how Awareness opens a pathway to growth
    • Through your own self-assessment, you will gain clarity about where you are, and with my feedback and your own work, you will identify your greatest needs in terms of growth
    • Through gratitude exercises and some good self-care, we move you past negative and “I can’t” (or “why haven’t I been able to????”) feelings towards forward-looking momentum
    • By the end of the module, you will be ready to take the crucial first steps – you’re ready to make a plan!

MODULE 3: Build your move routine

  • In the third module, we start to work on your own personalized healthy living routines – starting with your Movement plan
  • After learning about the building blocks of Move as well as some core principles, you will have the tools to build your own plan – one that works for you
  • Not only will you have a Movement plan that you can stick to, you will also have a support plan to set you up for success in your new exercise routine
  • When the module is done, you’re ready to start moving!

MODULE 4: Build your nourish plan

  • Sticking to a nutrition plan so that you feel your best can be hard, but in this module, we take the guesswork out and give you the tools you need
  • We will guide you to build your own personalized Nourish plan based on both nutritional principles and your own reality
  • You will also have the strategies you need to resist against the “triggers” that so many of us experience with our eating and drinking
  • Nutrition can be complex, but we help make it simple; sticking to a healthy diet takes a plan and good strategies, and after this module, you will be ready to nourish yourself towards your best!

MODULE 5: Build your renew routine (+Resilience and Personal Growth Strategies)

    • I like to call Renew the ‘secret sauce’ in the OPTIMUM YOU healthy living system – this last module wraps the other steps together and sets you up to create a Daily Renewal of commitment, agency and energy for your healthy living habits
    • You will develop your own Daily Renewal practice and learn how to sustain your healthy habits with planful intention
    • Most of us will have a bad day or two, once in a while, so we help you determine your own resilience strategies to get you back on track
    • Ultimately, Your Thrive Formula is about personal growth, and we work in this module on effective ways to nurture your growth
    • Finally, we give you a rousing send-off with some helpful tips on getting Your Thrive started right, and keeping it going!
    • Once you’re done this final module, you’re ready to Thrive – and keep on Thriving!

If you enroll now, you’ll be able to enhance your program dramatically with these limited-time bonus offers:


10 weeks of Live Q and A sessions with Barbara inside the course Facebook group for Thrive course members only

Ask Barbara your questions about course material and your personalized plans so that you get maximum benefit from the program


  • 10 weeks of a live course-members-only Facebook group with other supportive students so that you can share your experiences and progress, get some extra motivation, and rely on the group for accountability in the early stages of the program
  • Once a week, an hour of Live Q and A with Barbara were you can ask her questions, deepen your understanding of the material, and make sure you are crafting your individual plans right


Weekly OPTIMUM YOU “Accountability Tracker” For Three Months

Keep your healthy habit momentum going and stay connected to OPTIMUM YOU through our weekly “Accountability Tracker”


  • A subscription to the OPTIMUM YOU weekly “Accountability Tracker”, designed to guide you through your own plans and keep you on track
  • Weekly motivation and feedback on your progress – leverage OPTIMUM YOU as a crucial “layer of accountability”
  • An effective way to put into practice Your Thrive Formula

Your Thrive Formula Launch Offer

When you enroll in the Thrive Formula program during this limited time, you will get:

The Thrive Formula Course:

  • 5 training modules (+ Welcome module)

    New Module released every Monday. To be worked through at your convenience (2-3 hours time investment per week).

  • Modules broken down into 25 video lessons – with live instructional video and informative slides

  • Workbooks to complement and deepen your understanding of the course material

  • Interactive guided planners for you to design your healthy living program

  • Feedback from Barbara on your work and plans

  • Course delivered over six weeks to give you time to design your plans and start to experience the benefits of the optimum you program

  • Course access for up to one year

Total value: ($997)

10 weeks of weekly Q and A with Barbara and access to members-only Facebook group

Total value: ($797)

3-month subscription to OPTIMUM YOU weekly “Accountability Tracker”

Total value: ($297)

Total value is more than

But during this course launch period, you can sign up for a one-time price of

one-time full pay

$697 (CAD)


3 payments of $250

$250 (CAD)

(6-week course)

Let me tell you why I have created this program …

I have been working with busy people for years, coaching them to find and stick to high-quality, healthy habits. I take a truly holistic approach, because my background is in both exercise and nutrition, with a lot of mindset and holistic health work. I have found time and again that this holistic, personalized and simple approach works. Which is why I want to share it with you.


Your Thrive Formula is the culmination of my years of experience. It has worked for so many people, different kinds of people. My program has also worked for me. It is an ongoing challenge for me to stick to optimal habits, and to look and feel my best.


It’s not easy. But it is simple, once you have the right plan, and the right approach. It’s like you cracked the code to feeling alive, full of energy, and in control.


Join me and let’s work together so you can look, feel and live your optimum.


If you have any lingering doubts, just know that we back Your Thrive Formula up with a 14-day risk-free guarantee. 

The OPTIMUM YOU holistic health system has worked for people in very different states of readiness, with varied challenges, all over the world. I’ve been working on the program for more than a decade, so I know that it can work for you. And I will give you the support you need to make it work. If you put in the work on your side, you will get the results you want.

In the first 14 days of the course, you will have established your purpose, so you’ll have clear and strong motivation to up your healthy habit game. And you will have clarity on where you want to go, and even the first steps to get there. And you will also have done some work on your Move and Nourish plans.

But if life gets in the way, or you find yourself needing to focus your full energy on something else, let us know. Show us that you have put in the work in the first four modules, and we will refund your investment in full.


Each weekly module can be completed comfortably in between two and three hours. We recommend spacing this out over a couple of sessions so that you can enjoy the benefits of each module.

Either way, whether you are a “Holistic Health Pro”, or “In Need of Immediate Assistance”, we got you. The OPTIMUM YOU program is truly personalized. Barbara has worked with people from top athletes to those who are struggling, or just beginning to live healthy, or recovering from injury. The truth is, almost everyone can benefit from a fresh look at their habits and a plan to live their optimum.

This might be the question we hear the most. And the answer is simple: you can do it. We know you can do it. The beauty of an individualized plan is that you can go and grow at your own pace. You can start to feel your inner strength growing, and then grow some more. At your own pace. We repeat: you. Can. Do. It. We. Can. Help.

one-time full pay

$697 (CAD)


3 payments of $250

$250 (CAD)

(6-week course)

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